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84 Happy holiday week! Our children tried their hand Happy holiday week! Our children tried their hand at a new art technique or art process today called Assemblage! Assemblage, just like in the word, means to assemble, to arrange un-related objects together to form an art piece. It is abstract and requires our children to think out of the ordinary as we mix & match materials to form art! Our children begin this exploration by listening to a story about a boy who loved collecting things! And as he grew older, the things he collected grew too! In the end, as a way to create happiness and magic for his family, he starts piecing these objects together and showcases it to his family who are blown away by his creations! That is, the essence of assemblage; using everyday objects to develop, curate and construct magic. Through the process, we told the children we wouldn’t give any instructions as this is their project, their art, they can manipulate and create as they wish. Children don’t need much, just the space, materials and your belief that they can do it! Using recycled materials also encourages them to have a sense of responsibility towards the natural environment of the world, it cultivates recycling habits that are important. #art #assemblage #reggioemilia #reggioinspired #pegasussg #singaporechildcare
85 ひな祭り Doll’s Festival ひな祭りは、 ひな祭り Doll’s Festival ひな祭りは、女の子の成長と幸せを願う行事です。 Hinamatsuri(Doll’s Festival) is an occasion to pray for young girls’ growth and happiness. ひな祭りは、3月3日に祝われます。 Hinamatsuri is celebrated each year on March 3. 女の子のいる家庭では、ひな人形を飾ります。 Most families with girls display dolls for the Doll’s Festival called Hina-ningyo. ひな人形は宮中の様子を表しています。 The dolls depict the imperial court. ひな人形には、お内裏様、お雛様、三人官女、五人囃子、右大臣、左大臣、三人上戸がいます。 A set of dolls includes the Emperor(odairi-sama), the Empress(ohina-sama), three court ladies(sannin-kanjo), five court musicians(gonin-bayashi), the minister of the left(sadaijin), the minister of the right(udaijin) and three servants(sannin-jougo). 現在では、ひな祭りにちらし寿司、はまぐりのお吸い物、白酒、雛あられ、ひしもちなどの伝統料理を食べます。 Today, we eat traditional dishes like Scattered sushi(chirashi-sushi), clam soup, sweet white sake(shirozake), rise cake cubes(hina arare) and diamond-shaped rice cakes(hishimochi) for the Doll’s Festival. #hinamatsuri #japanesepreschool #pegaussg #celebration #preschoolsg #preschooldiscovery
86 #reggioinspired #preschoolactivities #pegasussg #reggioinspired #preschoolactivities #pegasussg
87 We begun the week with celebrating Baba Marta, a B We begun the week with celebrating Baba Marta, a Bulgarian festival to mark the beginning of spring! The children and their teachers took some time to talk about Baba Marta using picture talk. One of our Bulgarian parents came over and graced us with her knowledge, and expertise in making the martenitsa! A martenitsa is two threads twined together to form a bracelet. It is a gift that one gifts another on martenitsa, you can’t make it for yourself and you cannot buy it for yourself; it has to be a gift of exchange. Isn’t that a beautiful tradition of giving? After we exchanged our martenitsa’s with each other, we sat down to try the shopska salata! Our children were very open to trying it out, and some even came for seconds & thirds! Our community is such that we’re privileged enough to have different traditions, festivals and beliefs coexist together, where we get the opportunity to learn from one another about our history, our background and our culture. It helps our children develop a respect, an appreciation and knowledge about the different parts of the world as we celebrate such festivals. Our planning to have so many festivals is to open up our childrens minds, knowledge and hearts to the world. We want to equip them with culturally rich and appropriate knowledge that allows them to grow, bond and love beyond lines, borders and nationalities. #pegasussg #preschoolactivities #babamarta #bulgaria #preschoolsg #earlychildhoodeducation
88 Happy International Women’s Day to all the women Happy International Women’s Day to all the women in our lives! May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them 💪🏼
89 Every morning is an adventure for our children as Every morning is an adventure for our children as they explore our outdoor space, from chalk drawing to pretend play, every day brings forth something new for them to look forward to! #pegasussg #reggioinspired #playbasedlearning #prekactivities
90 Starting off the morning right with a cloud painti Starting off the morning right with a cloud painting session, the children made amazing observations like birds and the different shapes of clouds! #reggioinspired #singapore #preschoolssg
91 Welcoming in 2022 the year of the tiger, our child Welcoming in 2022 the year of the tiger, our children had their own photo booth and music and movement session! The children had all gathered, holding hands in a circle, dancing, jumping, squealing. It was a wonderful sight indeed to see them so happy, so full of hope and love! I love that they independently created the circle, calling out for everyone to hold hands and then encouraging their friends to go to the center and dance. Friendship, care, bonds, these are values that are essential to growth. The older group even made their own banner while their younger friends did a mini treasure hunt for the letters that would make up “Happy New Year” for their banner! Happy New Year to all and we hope that you have a wonderful 2022! #pegasussg #reggioemilia #preschoolssingapore #earlychildhoodeducation
92 Happy New Year from our K1 and K2 kids! #pegasussg Happy New Year from our K1 and K2 kids! #pegasussg #singaporepreschool #reggioinspired
93 From recycled Christmas tree ornaments to gingerbr From recycled Christmas tree ornaments to gingerbread making to Christmas caroling, here’s a peek to how our children spent their Christmas Eve celebrating in school! #pegasussg #reggioinspired #preschoolactivities #preschoolsingapore
94 Ho Ho Ho! On the days leading up to Christmas, our Ho Ho Ho! On the days leading up to Christmas, our kids has been hard at work decorating their Christmas trees because we have such an exciting day planned for them! From secret santas to gingerbread making to Christmas caroling! Look out for pictures from our Xmas celebration soon!
95 As adults, we might see a normal empty gravel spac As adults, we might see a normal empty gravel space, our children see infinite possibilities . Here are our outdoor artists creating their masterpieces in our outdoor classroom! #preschoolsg #reggioinspired #pegasussg
96 Having our children graduate is such a bittersweet Having our children graduate is such a bittersweet feeling but having positive testimonials from our parents reminds us the importance of early childhood education and the impact our Teachers have on our children. #preschoolssg #singaporepreschool #reggioemilia #pegasussg
97 It has been a day of colours, fun and smiles! We It has been a day of colours, fun and smiles! We begun our celebration with thosai tasting After, our children all sat down and helped pick flowers to create rangoli art! They did a beautiful job! And worked well together. We moved onto Bollywood dancing after to work out a sweat! Music is a great way to have our children learn about different cultures as it expands their knowledge on language, on different cultural dances and taps into their musical side. We ended the day with a soothing art and craft of decorating their diya lamps. They used finger painting to help them do so! This was independently done without guidance. We love when our children take over and make planned experiences, their own, as it becomes immersed and meaningful for them. We want to develop our children and make them children of the world where they move through the world with knowledge, respect, care, acceptance and love for each other, regardless of where we come from, how we look and where we are going. Thus, it is crucial for them to participate in culturally rich activities, festivals and experiences. Swipe to see their Bollywood dancing! Happy Deepavali to all! #deepavali #reggioinspired #preschoolssg #childrenart #childrenactivities
98 Happy Deepavali! Check out what our kids will be d Happy Deepavali! Check out what our kids will be doing today on the eve of Deepavali! #deepavali #childcare #pegasussg #reggioinspired #preschoolsingapore
99 The children engaged in an all-round experience! F The children engaged in an all-round experience! For Halloween, our children got their hands dirty with making slime, we played some games after a story telling session. The children played games such as pin the spider on the web, ghost cups and spider maze! These activities were planned to aid in further developing social emotional skills such as working together, helping each other and motor skills such as crawling, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness & body awareness. The children did so good! We also made mummy sandwiches using tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. The children went trick or treating, exchanging healthy snacks with their friends that were brought from home to complete their whole Halloween experience! #preschoolactivities #reggioinspired #preschoolssg #childcaresg
100 Spooky season is near! Introducing this year’s t Spooky season is near! Introducing this year’s theme: Hotel Transylvania! We have spooky activities lined up for the children this year. Can’t wait to see them as their choice of classic monsters!
101 One of our parents is a fellow staff at @farrerpar One of our parents is a fellow staff at @farrerparkhospital , as a thank you for the tireless efforts of our frontliners, our Smart Toddler class created a collage for one of their projects with mini thank you cards for the the hospital. COVID-19 has had a hard impact to our front liners, it is important to reach our children gratitude for the hard work our friends has put in! Thank you Ms Pava for bringing it to work to share with your colleagues! #preschoolactivities #pegasusinternational #preschoolsingapore #reggioinspired
102 Happy Children’s Day! A day full of magic, love Happy Children’s Day! A day full of magic, love and whimsical joy! This year, our children spent their morning dancing to their favourite songs with their class and then moved onto making fruit kebabs which tested their fine motor skills such as poking! They absolutely loved the range of fruits they got to choose from! We then moved onto playing games with our friends such as mix and match the animals! The children randomly picked animal body parts and we created new never seen before funny animals! This activity gave us a great laugh! The children were thrilled with such silliness and funny looking creatures! We even came up with names for each! We then moved onto art and crafts such as self portrait decorating with a range of coloured pieces of paper which was a way to express themselves; how they see themselves. To understand that they’re all different but all oh so special. In addition, while they ate their fruit kebabs, we engaged them in an interactive story telling session by moving all round and out of the classroom. We had them guide us on how to tell the story using the characters we had to explore and delve into their own creativity, imagination, and humour together!
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