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1 luscious_duncan
2 BitcoinBeginners
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5 hunk_quark
6 is paying its employees in Bitcoin Cash.
7 63 comments
8 Forbes Author Frances Coppola takes blockstream to task.
9 35 comments
10 Purse CEO Andrew Lee confirms they are paying employees in BCH and native BCH integration update will be coming soon!
11 43 comments
12 After today's BCH Upgrade, longer posts are now enabled on!
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14 Bitcoin cash fund is providing cashback and prizes for using Bitcoin (BCH) on next month.
15 4 comments
16 As an existential threat to his criminal enterprise Wells Fargo, Bitcoin is rat poison for Warren Buffet.
17 1 comment
18 Craig Wright in Rwanda- "I've got more money than your country". With advocates like these, no wonder BCH has a PR problem.
19 6 comments
20 tralxz
21 Breaking News: Winklevoss Brothers Bitcoin Exchange Adds Bitcoin Cash support!
22 115 comments
23 Jihan Wu was asked "Why are the miners still supporting Bitcoin Core? Is it just a short term profitability play?", he answered: "Yes, exactly."
24 214 comments
25 Cobra:"That feeling when Blockstream, [...] release Liquid, a completely centralized sidechain run only by trusted nodes and designed for banks, financial institutions and exchanges."
26 145 comments
27 Jihan Wu on Bloomberg predicting Bitcoin Cash at $100,000 USD in 5 years.
28 65 comments
29 CNBC's Fast Money: Ran NeuNer says he would HODL Bitcoin Cash and sell Bitcoin Core.
30 58 comments
31 Coindesk: "Florida Tax Collector to Accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash Payments"
32 8 comments
33 Kain_niaK
34 I am getting flashbacks from when I tried to close my Bank of America account ...
35 155 comments
36 is a configurable client-side Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet in an iframe. When the user makes a payment, a webhook URL is called allowing your app to respond to the payment, such as displaying content behind a pay wall.
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38 42 comments
39 at the Coingeek conference in HK just announced native BCH support!!! They are also launching a new software implementation called "bcash"
40 6 comments
41 Who is all doing stuff like this on Reddit? Do we realize that we can make the Bitcoin Cash economy easily 10 times as big just by getting Reddit users on board? All they need is a good first user experience. Bitcoin needs to be experienced above everything else before you even talk about it.
42 53 comments
43 /cryptocurrency in meltdown
44 16 comments
45 Ryan X Charles from had an amazing to the point presentation about the future of content creation on the internet.
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47 25 comments
48 John Moriarty about why you can't separate Bitcoin from Blockchain.
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51 BitcoinXio
52 Frances Coppola on Twitter: “Congratulations, Blockstream, you have just reinvented the interbank lending market.”
53 139 comments
54 35 comments
55 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) sponsored Mei Yamaguchi's championship fight will be live on YouTube in an hour or so (2 fights left before hers - Livestream)
56 22 comments
57 Uncensored: /t/Bitcoin (reddit without the censorship)
58 43 comments
59 Information post about the recent suspension and re-activation of publicmodlogs (Update)
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61 VanquishAudio
62 Can’t believe this was available. My new license plate..
63 113 comments
64 MemoryDealers
65 Bitcoin Cash supporting Bitmain is leading a $110M investment in Circle. This is super bullish for BCH on Circle!
66 24 comments
67 Bitcoin Core supporter who scammed his way into consensus without a ticket is busy calling and others scammers at the event.
68 140 comments
69 I see lots of people coming here every day asking why we think Bitcoin is BCH. Here is why I think so:
70 73 comments
71 The CTO made a fun little transaction puzzle with one of the new op-codes:
72 11 comments
73 Bitcoin Cash is the fighter that everyone loves.
74 86 comments
75 This graphic aged well over the last 3 months.
76 64 comments
77 An example of the sophisticated arguments BTC supporters use against BCH supporters.
78 12 comments
79 Tired of staying up all night looking at CoinMarket Cap? Give's Satoshi Pulse a try in night mode!
80 11 comments
81 rdar1999
82 78 comments
83 See in this twitter thread Luke Jr actually arguing that PayPal is cheaper than BCH!! Is this guy in full delirium? Or just spouts misinformation on purpose?
84 227 comments
85 Upgrade completed at height 530356!
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87 5 comments
88 Windowly
89 Yeah!! "We are pleased to announce that the new Bitcoin Cash address format has been implemented on QuadrigaCX. This will help our users to easily distinguish Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash addresses when funding/withdrawing their account. The BCH legacy addresses will still be supported."
90 8 comments
91 "Friendly reminder: If you pay more than the bare minimum (1/sat per byte) to send a #BitcoinCash BCH transaction - you paid too much. 👍🏻"~James Howells
92 12 comments
93 Bitpay Enables Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) for Tax Payments - Bitcoin News
94 31 comments
95 "I like the symbology of 1,000,000 ␢ = 1 ₿ for #BitcoinCash What the 'little b' units are called I don't care that much, it will settle in whether it remains 'bits', or 'cash', or 'credits' ... "
96 54 comments
97 ~Public Service Announcement~ Please be extra careful using Bitcoin Cash on the Trezor! They have not yet implemented CashAddr Security. Make sure to covert your address with and double check with a block explorer to make sure the address is the same.
98 12 comments
99 "WRT telling others what to do or not to do (as opposed to asking them) on the point of making proposals or petitioning others - I hope we can take the time to re-read and take to heart @Falkvinge 's excellent dispute resolution advice in . ." [email protected]
100 0 comments
101 Why I support Bitcoin Cash (BCH). And why I support cash-denominated wallets. 1$ is inconsequential pocket change to some. To others it is their livelihood. Thank you @BitcoinUnlimit & @Bitcoin_ABC for your work in this regard.
102 16 comments
103 If anyone feels that they are forced or imposed to do anything, or threatened by any other person or group’s initiative, he doesn’t understand Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The beauty of Bitcoin Cash is that innovation & creativity is permissionless. Let’s celebrate new ideas together!
104 1 comment
105 "Bits as a unit right now (100sat), no matter named bits or cash or whatever, is extremely useless at this time and in the near future : Its worth 1/11 of a CENT right now. Even it suddenly 10x, its still only 1 single cent."~Reina Nakamoto
106 7 comments
107 Love this converter! Thank you @rogerkver ! At present 778.17 ␢ = 1 USD (1,000,000 ␢ = 1 ₿)
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109 kairostech99
110 Adds Native BCH Support and Launches 'Bcash'
111 40 comments
112 Openbazaar Enables Decentralized Peer-To-Peer Trading of 44 Cryptocurrencies
113 21 comments
114 Thailand Waives 7% VAT for Individual Cryptocurrency Investors
115 1 comment
116 Switzerland Formally Considers State Backed Cryptocurrency
117 8 comments
118 Research Paper Finds Transaction Patterns Can Degrade Zcash Privacy
119 2 comments
120 Japan's GMO Gets Ready to Start Selling 7nm Bitcoin Mining Chips
121 0 comments
122 MMA Fighter Mei Yamaguchi Comes Out Swinging for
123 5 comments
124 Bitmain Hits Back at “Dirty Tricks” Accusations
125 4 comments
126 Circle Raises $110Mn With Plans to Launch USD-Backed Coin
127 2 comments
128 Coinbase Remains the Most Successful and Important Company in the Crypto Industry
129 7 comments
130 crypto_advocate
131 Jihan on Roger: "I learnt a lot about being open and passionate about what you believe in from him[Roger]"
132 45 comments
133's first officially sponsored MMA fighter head to toe in Bitcoin Cash gear on her walkout - "She didn't win but won the hearts of a lot of new fans"
134 14 comments
135 "Bitcoin Community is thriving again" Roger Ver at CoinGeek
136 8 comments
137 Today is a historic day. [Twitter]
138 1 comment
139 singularity87
140 Bitcoin Cash Fund has partnered with to launch their suite of BCH services and tools.
141 15 comments
142 328 comments
143 bearjewpacabra
144 378 comments
145 Devar0
146 Congrats! Bitcoin Cash is now capable of a 32MB block size, and new OP_CODES are reactivated!
147 113 comments
148 btcnewsupdates
149 Amaury Sechet in HK: "We want to be as boring as possible... If we do our job well, you won't even notice us."
150 29 comments
151 This is the way forward: Miners Consider Using Bitcoin Cash Block Reward to Fund Development
152 86 comments
153 7 comments
154 HostFat
155 From One to Two: Bitcoin Cash – Purse: Save 20%+ on Amazon [2018]
156 25 comments
157 15 comments
158 Tree Signature Variations using Commutative Hash Trees - Andrew Stone
159 5 comments
160 Libertymark
161 79 comments
162 unitedstatian
163 The guy had 350 bucks received via Lightning Network but he can't even close the channels to actually withdraw the bitcoins.
164 188 comments
165 20 comments
166 Looks like is misleading users on purpose into thinking the fees on BTC and BCH are the same
167 32 comments
168 33 comments
169 [Not a meme] This is what the TxHighway BTC road should look like when the memepool is large. The unconfirmed tx's should be represented with cars waiting in the toll lines.
170 2 comments
171 1 comment
172 Poland Becomes World's First to put Banking Records on the Blockchain
173 3 comments
174 If I were Core and wanted to spam BCH, and since spamming with multiple tx's will be counterproductive, I'd pay unnecessarily high fees instead
175 32 comments
176 1 comment
177 outofsync42
178 now accepting BCH!!
179 42 comments
180 BITCOIN CASH VS BITCOIN 2018 | Roger Ver on CNBC Fast Money
181 15 comments
182 Bitcoinmathers
183 Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Milestone Complete: 32MB and New Features
184 90 comments
185 Bitgo Launches Institutional Grade Custodial Services Suite
186 0 comments
187 ForkiusMaximus
188 Japanese tweeter makes a good point about BTC: "You don't call it an asset if it crumbles away every time you go to use it. You call it a consumable."
189 21 comments
190 Jimmy Nguyen: Bitcoin Cash can function for higher level technical programming
191 3 comments
192 mccormack555
193 438 comments
194 Has Craig Wright Committed Perjury? New Information in the Kleiman Case
195 56 comments
196 Thoughts on this person as a representative of Bitcoin Cash?
197 21 comments
198 jimbtc
199 $50K worth of crypto to anyone who leaks the inner communications of the #CultOfCore
200 29 comments
201 Liquidity Propaganda: "The formation of payment hubs happens naturally even in two-party payment channels like the Lightning Network.". LOL. Fuel the LN vs Liquidity fire :D
202 7 comments
203 WBD 017 - Interview with Samson Mow
204 19 comments
205 If you wanted further proof that Andreas Antonopolous is a BCore Coreonic Cuck then here's a new speech from May 6th
206 8 comments
207 porlybe
208 96 comments
209 Akari_bit
210 "AKARI-PAY Advanced" Released, for Bitcoin Cash!
211 6 comments
212 7 comments
213 Devs.Cash updated with new Dev projects, tools, and bounties for Bitcoin Cash!
214 7 comments
215 CollinEnstad
216 Introduces 'bcash', an Implementation of the BCH protocol, just like ABC, BU, or Classic
217 125 comments
218 marcelchuo3
219 Bitcoin Cash Community Sees OP_Code Innovation After Upgrade
220 3 comments
221 Coingeek Conference 2018: Bitcoin Cash Innovation Shines in Hong Kong
222 4 comments
223 Bitfinex Starts Sharing Customer Tax Data with Authorities
224 3 comments
225 Colorado Proposal Aims to Allow Cryptocurrency Donations for Campaigns
226 2 comments
227 Thailand Commences Cryptocurrency Regulations Today
228 1 comment
229 Bitcoin Mining Manufacturer Canaan Files for Hong Kong Stock Exchange IPO
230 0 comments
231 Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: OECD Explores Cryptocurrencies, Central Asian Powerhouse Calls for UN Crypto Rules
232 0 comments
233 Moldova with New Crypto Exchange and a Token
234 0 comments
235 Korean Regulators Widen Investigation of Cryptocurrency Exchanges
236 0 comments
237 Arrest Warrants Issued to Employees of South Korean Crypto Exchange
238 0 comments
239 anberlinz
240 294 comments
241 Chris_Pacia
242 61 comments
243 cryptorebel
244 Coinbase blog from 2015: "bits is the new default". The reason "bits" stopped being used was because of high fees on segwitcoin. Lets bring back "bits" on the real Bitcoin-BCH!
245 66 comments
246 Here is the Bitcoin-BCH countdown clock to the hard fork upgrade with new 32MB block limit capacity, and re-enabled op-codes. Looks like its about 17 hours away.
247 2 comments
248 This is Core's idea of open development, you are "super welcome" to work on anything that the gatekeepers say is ok. People tout Core as having so many devs but it doesn't matter much when you have to go through the gatekeepers.
249 14 comments
250 coinfeller
251 Bitcoin Cash France is offering 32 000 bits of BCH for Tipping Tuesday to celebrate the upgrade from 8MB to 32MB
252 101 comments
253 How the Bitcoin Cash upgrade from 8MB to 32MB seems like :)
254 10 comments
255 money78
256 Congratulations Bitcoin Cash for the 32MB, WTG!
257 5 comments
258 Roger Ver on CNBC's Fast Money again and he says bitcoin cash will double by the end of the year!
259 30 comments
260 The Bitcoin Cash upgrade: over 8 million transactions per day, data monitoring, and other possibilities
261 3 comments
262 haumeris28
263 MMA Fighter Mei Yamaguchi Sponsored By Bitcoin Cash Proponent Roger Ver
264 3 comments
265 Swiss Government is Studying the Risks and Benefits of State-Backed Cryptocurrency
266 3 comments
267 Circle and Bitmain partner for US Dollar backed Token
268 18 comments
269 Apple Co-Founder - Ethereum Has the Potential to be the Next Apple
270 13 comments
271 Florida County To Begin Accepting Tax Payments in Crypto
272 0 comments
273 ‘Blockchain Will Drive the Next Industrial Revolution’, According to a Major Wall Street Firm
274 0 comments
275 Bitcoin Cash Undergoes a Hard Fork, Increases Block Size
276 3 comments
277 Newly Appointed Goldman Sachs Vice President Leaves for Cryptocurrency
278 5 comments
279 OKEx CEO Quits as Exchange Becomes World’s Largest Surpassing Binance
280 2 comments
281 Texas Regulators Shut Down Crypto Scam, Falsely Using Jennifer Aniston and Prince Charles for Promotion
282 0 comments
283 MarkoVidrih
284 US Regulators Agree That They Will Not Will Not Suppress Cryptocurrencies
285 10 comments
286 Why Stable Coins Are the New Central Bank Money
287 9 comments
288 First Facebook, Then Google, Twitter and LinkedIn, Now Microsoft’s Bing Will Ban All Cryptocurrency Ads
289 2 comments
290 Circle Raises $110 Mln and Plans to Use Circle USD Coin (USDC) instead of Tether (USDT)
291 1 comment
292 9 Million New Users Are About to Enter in Crypto Market
293 6 comments
294 Japan’s Largest Commercial Bank Will Try its Own Cryptocurrency in 2019
295 0 comments
296 The Viability of the ERC-948 Protocol Proposal
297 0 comments
298 A letter from Legendary VC Fred Wilson to Buffet: The Value of Bitcoin Lies in the Agreement Itself
299 1 comment
300 This is Just The Beginning of Crypto!
301 0 comments
302 What? U.S. SEC Just Launches ICO Called HoweyCoin
303 2 comments
304 plaguewiind
305 Twitter restricting accounts that mention Blockstream
306 49 comments
307 This is actually fantastic! Jimmy Nguyen on ‘The Future of Bitcoin (Cash)’ at The University of Exeter
308 31 comments
309 MartinGandhiKennedy
310 [COMPELLING EVIDENCE] Proof that Luke Jr does not lie
311 41 comments
312 higher-plane
313 24 comments
314 SharkLaserrrrr
315 [PREVIEW] Looks like Lighthouse powered by Bitcoin Cash is coming together nicely thanks to the hard work of an anonymous developer. I wonder how Mike Hearn feels about his project being resurrected.
316 24 comments
317 playfulexistence
318 165 comments
319 bambarasta
320 Kain_niaK
321 Ant-n
322 H0dl
323 Adrian-X
324 KoKansei
325 LovelyDay
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337 btcnewsupdates
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365 unstoppable-cash
366 taipalag
367 rowdy_beaver
368 RareJahans
369 Can’t believe this was available. My new license plate..
370 VanquishAudio
371 113 comments
372 Breaking News: Winklevoss Brothers Bitcoin Exchange Adds Bitcoin Cash support!
373 tralxz
374 115 comments
375 is paying its employees in Bitcoin Cash.
376 hunk_quark
377 63 comments
378 Frances Coppola on Twitter: “Congratulations, Blockstream, you have just reinvented the interbank lending market.”
379 BitcoinXio
380 139 comments
381 Forbes Author Frances Coppola takes blockstream to task.
382 hunk_quark
383 35 comments
384 bearjewpacabra
385 378 comments
386 I am getting flashbacks from when I tried to close my Bank of America account ...
387 Kain_niaK
388 155 comments
389 Congrats! Bitcoin Cash is now capable of a 32MB block size, and new OP_CODES are reactivated!
390 Devar0
391 113 comments
392 Purse CEO Andrew Lee confirms they are paying employees in BCH and native BCH integration update will be coming soon!
393 hunk_quark
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395 Libertymark
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397 morli
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